Brian Moritz on the Changing Sports Media Landscape

June 1, 2017

After a month long hiatus we are back and recharged.  One of our favorite guests Brian Moritz (The Other 51 Podcast, joins us to finally take a look into the ESPN layoffs and what it means for the sports media landscape.  Does this provide an opportunity for Fox Sports 1 to finally make an impact?  And we'll get Brian's thoughts on the passing of one of the all time greats, Frank Deford.

Plus, I'll share my thoughts on the Tiger Woods situation and why it's another reminder that we need to pump the breaks in situations like this.

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Sports Over Beers - Sports Media Roundtable

February 28, 2017

The Super Bowl is past, March Madness is still a few weeks away.  So that means it's time to gather up the boys and talk sports over a few beers.

We took the show on the road to Big Ditch Brewing in Buffalo, NY and were joined by Tyler Dunne (Bleacher Report) and Brian Moritz (Sports Media Guy).  We cover a whole lot of sports and sports media topics including:

  • Finding your "voice" as a sports writer
  • Are dynasties good for sports?
  • Is the NFL on the brink of decline?
  • Does sports need villians?
  • Biggest storyline/hyperbole/myth that you're sick of hearing
  • The ethics involved in discovering private team information
  • Have they ever been approached by an agent or team official to spin a story?
  • ...and would they rather be Jeter on the field of off the field? (Hint: one of us had their wife sitting 3 feet away)

My huge thanks to Tyler and Brian for this extended conversation.  And of course to the great crew at Big Ditch Brewing for their hospitality.  If you're in Buffalo make sure you stop by and try their tasty beers and food.