College Football Chaos with Stewart Mandel

October 18, 2017

Stewart Mandel (The Athletic) joins us to look back at the weekend of chaos in College Football.

  • Who was the big winner amongst the chaos?
  • What is taking Tennessee and Nebraska so long to fire their coaches?
  • Is Notre Dame vs. USC an elimination game?
  • What makes Bryce Love so unstopable?

Plus, we'll talk some NFL and what is wrong with the Raiders?

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Should We Believe In Georgia?

October 4, 2017

Here we are again getting sucked in by Georgia.  Should we be believers this time around?  Marc Weiszer (Athens Banner-Herald) joins us to discuss the Bulldogs great start including:

  • Did last week tell us more about Georgia or Tennessee?
  • Who should be the starter at QB Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason?
  • The biggest potential for a slip up game
  • The difference between a Kirby Smart coached team a Mark Richt one
  • What does Georgia do better than Alabama?

Plus, we'll talk about the Texans and the Giants, two teams going in opposite directions. And why Chris Petersen was right on with his criticism of the PAC 12 late starts.

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College Basketball Scandal Breakdown with Aaron Torres

September 28, 2017

So much for a quiet week in sports.  Two major sports stories and we've got you covered on both.  One of our favorites, Aaron Torres returns to the show to dive into the college basketball "scandal"

  • Can we be shocked and unshocked at the same time about this?
  • Are there any implications for the players involved?
  • Did Louisville really have to cheat?
  • Is there more on the way?
  • Long term, could this be good for college basketball?

Plus, I'll give my thoughts on the NFL protests.  As always, it's free from "hot takes".

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Is Clemson #1?

September 19, 2017

Can the case be made that Clemson should be the #1 team in the country?  You bet.  And to help us dive into the Tigers 3-0 start we welcome Brad Senkiw (105.5 The Roar) back to the program.  We'll ask Brad...

  • His biggest takeaway from the win at Lousiville
  • How has Dabo Swinney changed the recruiting culture to follow Bama's "reload" style?
  • Brad's assessment of new QB Kelly Bryant so far
  • Where is the biggest challenge coming in Clemson's remaining schedule
  • and of course we'll ask him to make the case for Clemson being #1

I'll also talk about the Jekyl & Hyde teams through the first two weeks of the NFL season.  And why these early season rankings are so ridiculous in college football.

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How Concerned Should Patriot Fans Be?

September 13, 2017

It's the NFL's turn for overreactions.  And one of the biggest comes from the Patriots loss to the Chiefs. Adam Kurkjian (Boston Herald) joins us to discuss

  • How Pats fans react to a loss like this one
  • Biggest concern for the Patriots moving forward
  • What did he see from Brady that caused him to go 16-36 passing
  • The latest on Danny Amendola's injury and how it could effect the offense

I'll also talk about the big story lines coming out of week 1 of the NFL season.  Plus, why the college football world needs to stop ignoring Lamar Jackson...he's only getting better.

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2017 NFL Season Preview

September 6, 2017

The 2017 NFL Season is finally here! Frank Schwab (Yahoo Sports) joins us to preview the big stories heading into the NFL season including:

  • The big question we need answers to in week 1
  • A bigger loss Elliott in Dallas or Edelman in New England?
  • What's the most intriguing division in football?
  • Who starts a game first Trubisky in Chicago or Mahomes in KC?
  • Frank's surprising pick for Rookie of the Year
  • plus who wins more games this year the Patriots or the rest of the AFC East...combined?

Follow Frank on Twitter @YahooSchwab and read his work at The Shutdown Corner.

We're also joined by Matt Fortuna (The Athletic) to talk about our favorite overreactions to week 1 of the College Football season.  We'll also discuss:

  • Is that the Alabama offense we can expect the entire season?
  • How worried should Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M fans be?
  • Does their week 1 game tell us more about Texas or more about Maryland?
  • Can he make a case for Clemson being #1?
  • and we'll play Buy or Sell after week 1

You can follow Matt on Twitter @Matt_Fortuna and read his work, including his great profile of Lamar Jackson at

And of course we'll preview the Top 3 games in college football this weekend.  (It was a pretty easy list this week)


2017 College Football Preview - Bill Bender (Sporting News)

August 29, 2017

Bill Bender (Sporting News) joins us to preview the 2017 College Football Season.  

  • What are the implications for Alabama if they lose in week 1?
  • Is the Big 10 Ohio State and everyone else?
  • In the year of the QB why have we forgotten about Lamar Jackson?
  • Is there a Group of 5 team that could play spoiler this year?
  • and we'll play over/under on a bunch of topics heading into the season

I'll also preview my top 3 college football games of the week.  And be sure to follow Bill on Twitter @BillBender92 and read his work at


Golf Tips for the Weekend Golfer with John Souza

July 13, 2017

We're back talking golf and not just PGA Tour this time.  This one is for us weekend hacks.  John Souza, Director of Instruction at John Souza Golf & Fitness Academy joins us for some really great golf tips to help get us through that mid-season lull.  John will share his great insight on...

  • If we only have 10-15 minutes to warm up what should we focus on?
  • Favorite drill to help cure that slice
  • What kinds of exercises should we be doing during the week to get ready for our round?
  • Why our practice swings are perfect and then we get over the ball and everything goes to hell

Plus, John shares some insight into the history of Rory McIlroy's back issues.  They have been around longer than we think.

Check out John at and on Twitter @johnsouzapga.


2017 US Open Preview with Ryan Ballengee

June 13, 2017

After a two month break we are back at major golf with our 2017 US Open Preview.  As always we are joined by Ryan Ballengee ( to help us prep for the 2nd major of the season.  We'll discuss:

  • What does this Erin Hills, a new course, have in store for the competitors? (Ryan has actually played it)
  • Can Dustin Johnson's length off the tee overcome his poor bunker play on this "links style" course?
  • Concerns over Jordan Speith's game?
  • Will Phil Mickelson play in the US Open?
  • Who will be in the final two pairings on Sunday?

Plus I'll discuss whether the inevitable Warriors win is good for the NBA in bringing in casual fans.  And why the NHL has a problem with it's "stars".

Be sure to follow Ryan on Twitter at @RyanBallengee.


Brian Moritz on the Changing Sports Media Landscape

June 1, 2017

After a month long hiatus we are back and recharged.  One of our favorite guests Brian Moritz (The Other 51 Podcast, joins us to finally take a look into the ESPN layoffs and what it means for the sports media landscape.  Does this provide an opportunity for Fox Sports 1 to finally make an impact?  And we'll get Brian's thoughts on the passing of one of the all time greats, Frank Deford.

Plus, I'll share my thoughts on the Tiger Woods situation and why it's another reminder that we need to pump the breaks in situations like this.

Be sure to follow Brian on Twitter @bpmoritz.