Episode 35: Snowvember!

November 20, 2014

Greetings from the planet Hoth.  Or as you may know it, Buffalo.  Yes it's true we got 7 feet of snow over the past three days.  We'll recap it all and tell you why Governor Cuomo needs to think more before he speaks to us again.


Episode 32: FU List Take 2

October 27, 2014

It's back!  The FU list has returned.  This time with more piss and vinegar than ever.  There's a long list of people getting FUs this time around.  From Florida State students to google wearing baseball players...from Ole Miss coaches to the #1 FU, sanctimonious sports reporters.  They all get hit with an FU!


Episode 29: Checking in with Conaghan

October 9, 2014

It's been a while since we've checked in with everyone's favorite Yankee apologist and Jeter lover, Brian Conaghan.  We'll put Jeter in his proper place in Yankee history.  Plus we chat about why James Spader is such a bad ass, who deserves to be in this years Rock Hall class and most importantly, Jeter on-field or off-field?


Episode 10: A series of Good Byes

March 31, 2014

In this episode we say a series of "Good Byes".  Starting off with Chelsea Handler and Dan Marino.  Then it's the debut of my buddy Conaghan who joins me to talk How I Met Your Mother, Yankee baseball, why he's looking for a new NFL team and how many weekends we could do in college right now.  I promise we recorded this before the HIMYM finale!  But...nailed it!


Episode 1: Unlikely Praise

February 12, 2014

Welcome to the debut edition of the Radio Blast.  Yes we've gone back 15 years in the past for the name (hence the photo). In this episode I give my thoughts on the Super Bowl (I know it's a little late), the Hall of Fame and the Olympics.  Plus the unexpected praise of Pete Carroll and Michael Irvin...I know I'm getting soft in my older years.