Episode 62: Jack Eichel

May 1, 2015

It's time to talk draft...no the other draft, the NHL Draft.  Last week we talked Connor McDavid with Victor Fernandes from the Erie-Times News.  In the interest of equal time let's talk Jack Eichel with Scott McLaughlin from WEEI Boston.  Sabres fans pay close attention:

-What are the chances Eichel stays at BU another year?
-What does he do better than Connor McDavid?
-How did he handle the beer chugging video with the media?
-And did the Sabres get a steal in linemate Evan Rodrigues?
Plus my pick for this year's Kentucky Derby!

Episode 60: Connor McDavid

April 21, 2015

It's been a good week for Jesus.  First the fan bases of 14 NHL teams start praying to you non-stop in hopes of getting the #1 pick and the rights to Connor McDavid.  Then his favorite son, Tim Tebow comes back to the NFL.  We of course will break it all down.  We'll talk with Victor Fernandes from the Erie Times-News who has covered Connor McDavid for his three years in Erie.  We;ll ask Victor:

-What are McDavid's biggest strenghs (everything is not an acceptable answer)?
-What does he need to work on (if anything)?
-Is he one of the "good kids"?
-What does Jack Eichel do better than McDavid (that one's for you Sabre fans)
-And what if anything will prevent him from being the best in the league?