A weekend of bad punts & the return of the F/U list!

October 19, 2015

It was a bad weekend to be part of punt teams.  Both Michigan and the Colts cost their teams wins with questionable punts, if you can call them that.

We'll look back at those plays and an incredible weekend of games in the NFL and college.  
-Why does Michigan State keep winning but dropping in the polls?
-Is OSU still deserving of #1?
-Would Stanford be undefeated if they had played Northwestern in Palo Alto?
-Should Peyton Manning be benched? (Sorry that's clickbait, we all know the answer)
Plus it's the return of the F/U list!  See who made this edition of the prestigious list.  

Episode 85 - 2015 College Football Season Preview

August 24, 2015

It's time for our 2015 College Football Preview special.  We've already broken down the power 5 conferences so now it's time to look at the broad landscape of stories heading into the season.  Bill Bender from The Sporting News joins us to discuss the many question marks heading into the season including:

-Which team will have the toughest job filling empty spots?
-Could the Big Ten be the top conference this season?
-Should we believe the Tennessee hype?
-Ohio State's biggest obstacle to repeating
-and how far are we from going to a 6 or 8 team playoff?
Plus, we'll talk with Al Botta and Jarrett Singer, two men who are living the dream of visiting every college football stadium in the country.  They'll help us construct the perfect game day environment based on their visits.
And to finish it off, I'll give you my pics for who wins the big conferences and makes it to the college football playoff (ACC fans might want to tune out).

Episode 80 - Big Ten Preview

August 5, 2015

Our 2015 College Football conference previews rolls on with the Big Ten.  Dave Revsine, the lead studio host for the Big Ten Network joins us to break down the conference.  Not only do they have the defending national champions but there are also some big name coaches joining the Big Ten this year, Jim Harbaugh (Michigan), Paul Cryst (Wisconsin) and Mike Riley (Nebraska).  Dave will tell us...

-Which coach is in the best situation to win now?
-How much pressure is on Harbaugh to win now?
-Can Christian Hackenberg overcome a abysmal Penn State O-line?
-Which player is poised for a breakout season?
-and can Ohio State get back to the college football playoffs?
Plus, we'll talk about Dave's new book The Opening Kickoff: The Tumultuous Birth of a Football Nation. Are things really all that different now than they were at the genesis of college football?  Or is everything old, new again?

Episode 27: Let the Madness Begin

October 2, 2014

No not that sports madness, the madness that is week 6 of the college football season.  7 games featuring ranked vs. ranked.  We'll break it all down and also, who had a worse week?  Tom Watson?  or Brady Hoke? Let the madness begin!


Episode 25: The FU List

September 11, 2014

It's the podcast I always knew was coming.  Week 2 of the college football season brought out a lot of F bombs from me and I'm letting them fly at a lot of people in this weeks podcast.  Including, why Jeff Quinn shouldn't be the UB coach, why Michigan has never fully recovered from the Appalachian State loss, and the horrible schedule makers in FBS.