College Basketball Preview

November 10, 2016

Hard to believe but College Basketball season is upon us! In this election free episode, David Gardner from Sports Illustrated helps us look at the big headlines going into the new season.

  • Is Villanova good enough to repeat as champions?
  • Who's the team that will sneak up on people this year?
  • Can anyone challenge Kansas for the Big 12 title?
  • Who is the must-watch freshman of this year's class?
  • What does he think of "one and done"?
  • Should college basketball steal a page from college football and enhance their non-conference schedule?

Plus, I have the perfect simple solution to the NFL's officiating problem.  And of course, "Must Watch College Football Games of the Weekend" and "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"


Talking College Basketball aka “What’s wrong with Duke?”

January 26, 2016

It's time to finally talk college basketball.  Our old friend Brendan McDaniels (host of Orange Overtime) joins us to take a look at the season so far and look ahead to March.  We'll discuss:

-What's wrong with Duke and Kentucky?
-Is there a truly great team this season?
-Would he rather have Brice Johnson or Ben Simmons?
-and of course who he likes to win it all come March
Plus we'll take a look back at the NFL conference championship games and do a quick preview of the Super Bowl.  Is this matchup a mirror image of the college football championship?  I think it might be.