Conference Tourney Prep - Aaron Torres Fox Sports

March 7, 2017

The madness is upon us so it's time to take stock of the college basketball world.  We had a great chat with Aaron Torres from Fox Sports as we get ready for the big dance.

  • The Power 6 team that needs their conference tourney the most
  • The most important conference in terms of seeding and bubble bursting
  • Is it ok for top teams to lose early in their tourneys to rest up for the big dance?
  • Is this a down year for mid majors and potential Cinderellas?
  • Have we reached critical mass with the one and dones in college basketball?
  • Is Illinois a Top 15 job in the country (we had some fun debating this one)

Plus I'll tell you why Jets fans are going to be suffering this year but not much past it.  I'll share my thoughts on the combine and how it can be changed.

And we'll discuss Spin's 95 best alt songs of 1995 and Deadspin's Best Sounds In Sports.

Follow Aaron on Twitter throughout the Tournament @Aaron_Torres.  And here are the links to order Aaron's book: One and Fun: A Behind the Scenes Look at John Calipari and the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats



Sports Over Beers - Sports Media Roundtable

February 28, 2017

The Super Bowl is past, March Madness is still a few weeks away.  So that means it's time to gather up the boys and talk sports over a few beers.

We took the show on the road to Big Ditch Brewing in Buffalo, NY and were joined by Tyler Dunne (Bleacher Report) and Brian Moritz (Sports Media Guy).  We cover a whole lot of sports and sports media topics including:

  • Finding your "voice" as a sports writer
  • Are dynasties good for sports?
  • Is the NFL on the brink of decline?
  • Does sports need villians?
  • Biggest storyline/hyperbole/myth that you're sick of hearing
  • The ethics involved in discovering private team information
  • Have they ever been approached by an agent or team official to spin a story?
  • ...and would they rather be Jeter on the field of off the field? (Hint: one of us had their wife sitting 3 feet away)

My huge thanks to Tyler and Brian for this extended conversation.  And of course to the great crew at Big Ditch Brewing for their hospitality.  If you're in Buffalo make sure you stop by and try their tasty beers and food.


What’s Next For Baylor?

February 21, 2017

As promised we dive into the situation at Baylor. We're joined by Ben Baby from the Dallas Morning News to discuss:

  • A breakdown of the latest lawsuits against the University
  • The disappearance of Briles supporters
  • Did anyone at the University do the right thing?
  • Will the NCAA drop the death penalty on the program?
  • How has new HC Matt Ruhle been able to recruit through this scandal?

Plus, more information about our upcoming event at Big Ditch Brewing in Buffalo.

Be sure to follow Ben on Twitter @Ben_Baby for the latest on the situation at Baylor.


Super Bowl 51 Preview

January 31, 2017

Yes hard to believe the two studs shown above are leading their teams into Super Bowl 51 or LI if you still want to stick with roman numerals. We have a huge preview show to get you ready for the big game. We're joined by...

Mark Zinno (92.9 The Game Atlanta) - 6:08

  • The most important player for the Falcons not named Matt Ryan or Julio Jones
  • What type of motivation is Dan Quinn using with this team?
  • The reason why the Falcons defense has been so much better this postseason
  • The key to beating Brady and the Pats and can the Falcons do it?

Adam Kurkjian (Boston Herald) - 23:55

  • The most important player for the Patriots not named Tom Brady?
  • How did this year's defense become one of the best in the NFL?
  • How big of a difference is 5-2 in the Super Bowl vs. 4-3 for Brady's legacy?
  • Is the thought of Goodell handing the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft really motivating the Pats?

Plus, I'll share my thoughts on the big stories (are there any?) heading into the Super Bowl. And of course my stone cold lock pick (please don't base your gambling on my pick).

Be sure to follow Mark (@MarkZinno) and Adam (@AdamKurkjian) on Twitter.


Ross Tucker Previews the Super Bowl and How To Beat Brady

January 26, 2017

Former NFL o-lineman and current podcast host Ross Tucker (Ross Tuckers Football Podcast) makes his debut on the show.  We'll ask Ross:

  • How much should we read into the Ben Roethlisberger retirement comments?
  • Is the Antonio Brown situation in Pittsburgh bigger than we think?
  • What's the easiest way to compare QBs across different eras?
  • How can the Falcons beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl LI?
  • and of course we'll ask him his favorite wing joint in Buffalo

Plus, we'll check in with Ryan Ballengee from and Yahoo Sports:

  • Are the two 59s from last weekend a sign of things to come on the PGA Tour?
  • Is Justin Thomas this year's version of Jordan Spieth?
  • What is the state of Tiger's game as he heads into Torrey Pines this weekend?
  • How does he feel about his Packers after their beat down from the Falcons?

We'll also talk about Brent Musburger's pending retirement, I take you into the world of Meat Raffles and of course, "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"

Be sure to follow Ross (@RossTuckerNFL) and Ryan (@RyanBallengee) on Twitter.


NFL Conference Finals Preview - Frank Schwab Yahoo Sports

January 19, 2017

And then there were four! On paper the NFL Conference Finals look like incredible matchups.  We chat with Frank Schwab (Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner):

  • Was that the last time we see Tony Romo in a Cowboys jersey?
  • How do you beat this year's version of the Patriots?
  • Are dynasties good for football?
  • Which team is more likely to pull off the upset?
  • If you had one final drive to win the game, which of the final four QBs would you want in there?

Plus, I'll share my thoughts on the Baseball Hall of Fame and why we're more interested in who didn't get in than who did get in.  And for the second week in a row "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying" features an NFL fan base that is in desperate need of a drink.

Be sure to follow Frank on Twitter @YahooSchwab


Clemson Wins - National Championship Recap

January 12, 2017

Clemson wins the 2017 National Championship in dramatic fashion.  Was it a great game or just an ok game with a great finish?  We'll pose that question to Brad Senkiw who covers the Tigers for the Independent Mail.  Plus...

  • What was his mindset when Alabama went up 14-0?
  • The most telling stat from the game
  • Was this a true upset?
  • and can Clemson reload after losing a bunch of stars and make it back to the playoffs next year?

We'll also discuss the Chargers move to LA (and new boring logo), and why the NFL might have a popularity issue in the coming years.

And of course we'll hand out "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying".  Hint: it was an easy one this week.

Be sure to follow Brad on Twitter @bradsenkiw.


NFL Playoff/CFB Championship Preview

January 6, 2017

We're back and better than ever!  Well let's just say we're the same as ever.  It's another packed show with Tyler Dunne (Bleacher Report) and Dan Wolken (USA Today). Plus we'll talk about the Giants boat ride (be smarter), Lane Kiffin being out at Bama, and the creepiness of Clemson players giving the opposition a polite gropping.  

Tyler Dunne - Bleacher Report @tydunne

  • How big of a mess is the Bills front office?
  • Is it possible to feel bad for the Raiders right now?
  • Team most likely to be upset this weekend?
  • And we'll run down the list of HOF finalists, who's in and who needs to wait?

Dan Wolken - USA Today @danwolken

  • How different are Alabama and Clemson from last year's teams?
  • What changes will we see to the Alabama offense with Steve Sarkisian calling the plays?
  • Is there a weakness to this Alabama team?
  • Is Alabama's dominance good for college football?

And of course we'll play "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"



It’s Bowl Season!

December 20, 2016

It's season two in college football...Bowl Season.  We check in with our good friend Bill Bender (Sporting News) to talk about all the big stories heading into the College Football Bowl Season.

  • Does Bill agree with McCaffrey and Fournette's decision to skip their bowl games?
  • Which program made the best head coach hire and which made a head scratching move?
  • What's the best non-playoff bowl matchup?
  • Which player from the playoff teams would he take with the #1 pick?
  • And finally Bill's pick to win it all

Plus, we'll look at the NFL head coaching changes (real and rumored), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, and of course "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?".  


Christmas Movie/TV Special Draft

December 13, 2016

It's time to reconvene our drafting squad for the 2016 Christmas Movie/TV Special Draft.  The rules are simple four GMs select their favorite Christmas related movies and TV specials/episodes over 8 rounds to see who's team reigns supreme.  Along with Brian Conaghan and Brian Moritz, we are joined by newcomer Jared Paventi.

There's anger, there's some hatred, certainly some ball busting, and even one GM who didn't understand the rules and tried to pick a Christmas song.  It's everything you need for your holiday entertainment.

And when you're done be sure to go here to vote for your favorite team.