Is It Alabama/Ohio State and Everyone Else?

October 12, 2016

Bill Bender (Sporting News) was good enough to take a break from covering every sport on the planet to join us for a look at College Football at the halfway point.  We'll get Bill's thoughts on:

  • How big is the gap between Alabama/Ohio State and everyone else?
  • Who belongs in the "No Idea" group (Florida State? Stanford? Oklahoma? Ole Miss?
  • What's wrong at Notre Dame and how safe is Brian Kelly?
  • Handicapping the Heisman Race. Why is no one pulling away?
  • If you were the GM of an NFL team would you pick Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson?

Plus, what's the big storyline in the NFL this year?  Feels like a fairly mundane season so far.

And of course the Top 3 College Football games of the upcoming weekend and "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"

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