Super Bowl 51 Preview

January 31, 2017

Yes hard to believe the two studs shown above are leading their teams into Super Bowl 51 or LI if you still want to stick with roman numerals. We have a huge preview show to get you ready for the big game. We're joined by...

Mark Zinno (92.9 The Game Atlanta) - 6:08

  • The most important player for the Falcons not named Matt Ryan or Julio Jones
  • What type of motivation is Dan Quinn using with this team?
  • The reason why the Falcons defense has been so much better this postseason
  • The key to beating Brady and the Pats and can the Falcons do it?

Adam Kurkjian (Boston Herald) - 23:55

  • The most important player for the Patriots not named Tom Brady?
  • How did this year's defense become one of the best in the NFL?
  • How big of a difference is 5-2 in the Super Bowl vs. 4-3 for Brady's legacy?
  • Is the thought of Goodell handing the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft really motivating the Pats?

Plus, I'll share my thoughts on the big stories (are there any?) heading into the Super Bowl. And of course my stone cold lock pick (please don't base your gambling on my pick).

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Super Bowl 50 Recap

February 9, 2016

Another football season has come and gone. And while Super Bowl 50 may go down in history as "forgettable".  There is still plenty to talk about.  We welcome back Brian Moritz to discuss the Super Bowl broadcast and of course the now infamous Cam Newton press conference.

As you'll hear Brian has some strong words for the Panthers QB. 

Plus, we'll talk about the impact early retirees like Calvin Johnson will have on Hall of Fame voting.

Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

February 2, 2016

It's finally here!  Our Super Bowl 50 Preview Show is live!  I couldn't be more excited about this year's guest list.  We've got you covered from every angle:

Bobby Rosinski host of The Pulse on ESPN 730 in Charlotte 

-Is Cam Newton really as "polarizing" as the national media lead us to believe?
-The most important member of the Panthers not named Cam Newton?
-Why is this defense so under appreciated?
Benny Bash host of The Big Show on Mile High Sports Radio AM 1340

-How did Denver get here with a sub par offense?
-Is "game manager" Peyton Manning enough to win the Super Bowl?
-The biggest question mark for the Broncos leading into this game?

Richard Deitsch Sports Illustrated

-Is the criticism of Phil Simms fair?
-How does Nantz prepare for this run of Super Bowl, March Madness and The Masters?
-Does Peyton Manning have a future in broadcasting?
-and of course his favorite place for wings in Buffalo?

We'll also talk about the feel good story of the year so far, John Scott and the NHL All Star game.  Why we need more moments like this.

Episode 73 - Steve Christie Former Buffalo Bills kicker

June 25, 2015

When you start a show like this you hope one day to interview someone you grew up watching.  That just happened to me as I had a chance to sit down with former Buffalo Bills kicker Steve Christie.  In this almost hour-long conversation we discuss:

-How a soccer playing kid from Canada ends up in the NFL
-Why there were 1,500 protesters outside Rich Stadium when he showed up to sign with the Bills
-How those same fans became the reason he turned down offers from other teams after a few years in Buffalo
-What the locker room was like at halftime of the Greatest Comeback in NFL history
-What goes through your head while kicking a game winning FG
-and Steve opens up about his private battle with cancer
Plus we'll talk hockey (because you know, he's Canadian) and who he likes in the Women's World Cup.  It was a great opportunity to talk with this record setting member of the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl teams.

Episode 50: Super Bowl Media Recap with Brian Moritz

February 2, 2015

It's time to recap the Super Bowl.  But this time we're not talking Xs and Os.  It's time to break things down from the media side of things with Brian Moritz, the offical sports media consultant of the Radio Blast.  We'll talk deflategate, Marshawn Lynch, and talk about our favorite and least favorite commercials.  Surprisingly we disagree 100%.  Hint: the image should tell you where we end up on the commercial debate.


Episode 49: Super Bowl Preview

January 27, 2015

Your 2015 Super Bowl preview show is here.  And since we are an equal time show we've brought in guests to cover both sides of the big game.  Bob Condotta from the Seattle Times will tell us how the Seahawks are preparing.  And Bill Speros from will tell us how the Patriots are going to test that celebrated Seahawk defense.