Episode 73 - Steve Christie Former Buffalo Bills kicker

June 25, 2015

When you start a show like this you hope one day to interview someone you grew up watching.  That just happened to me as I had a chance to sit down with former Buffalo Bills kicker Steve Christie.  In this almost hour-long conversation we discuss:

-How a soccer playing kid from Canada ends up in the NFL
-Why there were 1,500 protesters outside Rich Stadium when he showed up to sign with the Bills
-How those same fans became the reason he turned down offers from other teams after a few years in Buffalo
-What the locker room was like at halftime of the Greatest Comeback in NFL history
-What goes through your head while kicking a game winning FG
-and Steve opens up about his private battle with cancer
Plus we'll talk hockey (because you know, he's Canadian) and who he likes in the Women's World Cup.  It was a great opportunity to talk with this record setting member of the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl teams.