Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

February 2, 2016

It's finally here!  Our Super Bowl 50 Preview Show is live!  I couldn't be more excited about this year's guest list.  We've got you covered from every angle:

Bobby Rosinski host of The Pulse on ESPN 730 in Charlotte 

-Is Cam Newton really as "polarizing" as the national media lead us to believe?
-The most important member of the Panthers not named Cam Newton?
-Why is this defense so under appreciated?
Benny Bash host of The Big Show on Mile High Sports Radio AM 1340

-How did Denver get here with a sub par offense?
-Is "game manager" Peyton Manning enough to win the Super Bowl?
-The biggest question mark for the Broncos leading into this game?

Richard Deitsch Sports Illustrated

-Is the criticism of Phil Simms fair?
-How does Nantz prepare for this run of Super Bowl, March Madness and The Masters?
-Does Peyton Manning have a future in broadcasting?
-and of course his favorite place for wings in Buffalo?

We'll also talk about the feel good story of the year so far, John Scott and the NHL All Star game.  Why we need more moments like this.