College Football Chaos with Stewart Mandel

October 18, 2017

Stewart Mandel (The Athletic) joins us to look back at the weekend of chaos in College Football.

  • Who was the big winner amongst the chaos?
  • What is taking Tennessee and Nebraska so long to fire their coaches?
  • Is Notre Dame vs. USC an elimination game?
  • What makes Bryce Love so unstopable?

Plus, we'll talk some NFL and what is wrong with the Raiders?

Check out Stewart on Twitter @slmandel and at The Athletic.


Episode 117 - College Football Championship Preview

January 7, 2016

It's all come down to the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers to decide the College Football National Championship.  Of course we've got it covered from every angle:

10:05 - Scott Keepfer (Greenville News) helps us breakdown things from the Clemson Tigers side of things:
-The latest on Shaq Lawson's injury
-The contrasting styles of the two head coaches
-Does Deshaun Watson need to be the best player on the field for Clemson to win?
26:39 - Alex Byington (Decatur Daily/Florence Times Daily) give us the Crimson Tide perspective:
-How did this defense bounce back from the Ole Miss loss?
-Can Bama improve on their past performances vs. a dual-threat QB?
-When was the last time he saw Nick Saban laugh?
Plus we'll check back in with our old buddy Al Botta from the College Football Quest (41:24) to recap all of their college football road trips from the year.  And of course I talk about sports so I must have a hot take on the Baseball Hall of Fame right?  Of course I do.

Episode 101 - The NFL’s Enabling of Greg Hardy

October 26, 2015

Well it only took two games for Greg Hardy to prove that nothing has changed.  In today's episode we talk about the enabling job Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have done with Hardy.  

Plus it was a bad week for QBs, EJ, Mallet, and Cassel all have us asking, "where have all the good QBs gone?"
And if you're a big fan of vintage NBA you'll want to stay tuned for our big announcement at the end of the episode. 

Episode 96 - Is this the end for Charlie Strong at Texas?

October 8, 2015

We don't let a little thing like the birth of my daughter keep us from bringing you great episodes.  This week we'll discuss if this could be the end for Charlie Strong in Texas.  Why it's not quite the end for Alabama after their big win over Georgia.

And of course Nathan Powell will join us to take a look at the weekend in Fantasy Football.
Plus, we'll preview all the weekend games in the NFL and NCAA.

Episode 91 - NFL Week 2 Preview

September 18, 2015

Lots at stake in college and the NFL this weekend.  We'll take a look at some of the marquis matchups heading into week 2 in the NFL and week 3 of college football including...

-Northwestern at Duke (my Prove It game of the week)
-Florida State at BC (upset alert!)
-Ole Miss at Bama
-San Fran at Pittsburgh
-and Pats at Bills
Plus we'll look at this Laremy Tunsil situation at Ole Miss.  And I'll tell you why Gary Kubiak might be the biggest egomanic in football...and that's saying something!

Episode 88 - New York Jets Season Preview

September 10, 2015

Was the Geno Smith broken jaw an isolated incident or is there a bigger problem in the Jets locker room?  Darryl Slater from The Star Ledger and joins us for our New York Jets Season Preview.  We'll discuss this potential issue and answer the following questions...

-How much does the offense change with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center?
-Has Leonard Williams lived up to the hype during the preseason?
-Who's more important to the Jets defense? Revis or Williams?
-and we'll see if Darryl knows the answer to our trivia question: name the 8 active QBs who are in the Top 25 all time passing yards.
Plus we'll preview week 2 in college football.  It's prove it week for Oklahoma and Tennessee.  And I'll give you my picks for the Super Bowl. For entertainment purposes me you don't want to bank on my picks.

Episode 88 - Cleveland Browns Preview

September 8, 2015

Kevin Jones from joins us to preview the 2015 Cleveland Browns season.  Of course we talk Johnny Manziel but we also discuss players who are actually starting for this team including:

-How does Terrelle Pryor fit into this offense?
-Is Danny Shelton the key to a big improvement in the rushing defense?
-and what exactly is wrong with Justin Gilbert?  Will he even be dressed for week 1?
Plus, we'll recap week 1 on the college football season.  Our focus was on which player would start at QB for Ohio State, we forgot that the former starter is a pretty good athlete.  And, will Christian Hackenberg survive the season behind that awful Penn State o-line?

Episode 73 - Steve Christie Former Buffalo Bills kicker

June 25, 2015

When you start a show like this you hope one day to interview someone you grew up watching.  That just happened to me as I had a chance to sit down with former Buffalo Bills kicker Steve Christie.  In this almost hour-long conversation we discuss:

-How a soccer playing kid from Canada ends up in the NFL
-Why there were 1,500 protesters outside Rich Stadium when he showed up to sign with the Bills
-How those same fans became the reason he turned down offers from other teams after a few years in Buffalo
-What the locker room was like at halftime of the Greatest Comeback in NFL history
-What goes through your head while kicking a game winning FG
-and Steve opens up about his private battle with cancer
Plus we'll talk hockey (because you know, he's Canadian) and who he likes in the Women's World Cup.  It was a great opportunity to talk with this record setting member of the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl teams.

Episode 64: Bad Week for Sports

May 7, 2015

Grab a beer this one is going to take some alcohol to get through.  Not a real good week for sports.  And hell those are the weeks that make doing this so much easier.  We cover all the insanity including:

-Deflategate: What does this mean for Brady's legacy? Will he be suspended?
-LeSean McCoy accuses Chip Kelly of being a racist
-The Cleveland Cavaliers put out possibly the worst video ever
Plus what NBA series should I watch? Hit me up on Twitter with your suggestions: @theradioblast

Episode 61: NFL Draft Preview

April 29, 2015

Get your hugging arms ready, it's NFL Draft time! Now that you've read 180 mock drafts including your neighbors dog's, let's talk about some of the big stories.  Michael Lombardo from and joins us to talk about the draft:

-Is Jameis Winston a lock at #1?
-Why are there no "sure thing" QBs anymore?
-Five years from now who will be the best player from this draft?
-and why the San Diego Chargers have become a "toxic" organization
Plus we'll talk sports reporter hypocrisy (one of our favorite topics) and the team I think is the X factor going into the Draft.