Tyler Dunne Talks NFL

November 9, 2017

Newly engaged Tyler Dunne (congrats!) checks in to talk some of the big stories in the NFL.

  • How is Green Bay coping with the loss of Aaron Rodgers?
  • Zeke is still appealing and Jerry wants to sue the NFL, what is going on in Dallas?
  • Should Chiefs fans be pushing the panic button?
  • Is there an easy explanation for the Giants plummet this season?
  • and, just how nervous was he proposing to his girlfriend this week?

Plus, why are we ignoring Lamar Jackson for the Heisman (his numbers are better this year)? 

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Is Clemson #1?

September 19, 2017

Can the case be made that Clemson should be the #1 team in the country?  You bet.  And to help us dive into the Tigers 3-0 start we welcome Brad Senkiw (105.5 The Roar) back to the program.  We'll ask Brad...

  • His biggest takeaway from the win at Lousiville
  • How has Dabo Swinney changed the recruiting culture to follow Bama's "reload" style?
  • Brad's assessment of new QB Kelly Bryant so far
  • Where is the biggest challenge coming in Clemson's remaining schedule
  • and of course we'll ask him to make the case for Clemson being #1

I'll also talk about the Jekyl & Hyde teams through the first two weeks of the NFL season.  And why these early season rankings are so ridiculous in college football.

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2017 NFL Season Preview

September 6, 2017

The 2017 NFL Season is finally here! Frank Schwab (Yahoo Sports) joins us to preview the big stories heading into the NFL season including:

  • The big question we need answers to in week 1
  • A bigger loss Elliott in Dallas or Edelman in New England?
  • What's the most intriguing division in football?
  • Who starts a game first Trubisky in Chicago or Mahomes in KC?
  • Frank's surprising pick for Rookie of the Year
  • plus who wins more games this year the Patriots or the rest of the AFC East...combined?

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We're also joined by Matt Fortuna (The Athletic) to talk about our favorite overreactions to week 1 of the College Football season.  We'll also discuss:

  • Is that the Alabama offense we can expect the entire season?
  • How worried should Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M fans be?
  • Does their week 1 game tell us more about Texas or more about Maryland?
  • Can he make a case for Clemson being #1?
  • and we'll play Buy or Sell after week 1

You can follow Matt on Twitter @Matt_Fortuna and read his work, including his great profile of Lamar Jackson at https://theathletic.com/.

And of course we'll preview the Top 3 games in college football this weekend.  (It was a pretty easy list this week)


Clemson Wins - National Championship Recap

January 12, 2017

Clemson wins the 2017 National Championship in dramatic fashion.  Was it a great game or just an ok game with a great finish?  We'll pose that question to Brad Senkiw who covers the Tigers for the Independent Mail.  Plus...

  • What was his mindset when Alabama went up 14-0?
  • The most telling stat from the game
  • Was this a true upset?
  • and can Clemson reload after losing a bunch of stars and make it back to the playoffs next year?

We'll also discuss the Chargers move to LA (and new boring logo), and why the NFL might have a popularity issue in the coming years.

And of course we'll hand out "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying".  Hint: it was an easy one this week.

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NFL Stretch Run

December 8, 2016

Well Jeff Fisher has done it again.  He's convinced another franchise to give him a contract extention and I'm at a loss.  Luckily I have Frank Schwab (Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner) to help us make sense of this madness.  We'll also talk to Frank about:

  • Why Todd Bowles deserves another year with the Jets?
  • Has the league figured out Carson Wentz?
  • Lions or Packers? Which team does he have more faith in?
  • Are the Raiders the best team in the AFC?
  • If you're starting a franchise today who would you take? Brady or Belichick?

Plus, we'll break down the college football coaching carousel. Which teams got it right?  And of course, Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?


Buffalo Bills - Hottest Team in the NFL?

October 19, 2016

It's not all about butt beers and bros throwing bros through tables in Buffalo.  The Buffalo Bills might just be the hottest team in the NFL.  This week we're joined by Buffalo Bills beat reporter Sal Capaccio (WGR 550) and Bleacher Report features writer Tyler Dunne

Sal Capaccio - Buffalo Bills 4-2 Start

  • Fans reaction to Colin Kaepernick during Sundays game
  • Is Jerome Felton the unsung hero of the offenses resurgence?
  • How have Zach Brown and Lorenzo Alexander gotten off to career starts?
  • Is it time to give the Ryan brothers credit for this turnaround?

Tyler Dunne - NFL After 6 Weeks

  • Can Vontaze Burfict continue to play his style in the NFL?
  • Is Aaron Rodgers really to blame for the Packers loses?
  • Would a return to Romo be detrimental to the Cowboys?
  • Can Kaepernick still be an effective mouthpiece for change if he's not an effective QB?

Plus we'll talk About why this might be the weakest list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees ever. 

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NFL Week 1 Overreactions

September 14, 2016

There's nothing funnier in sports than the overreactions that come from week 1 in the NFL.  So let's jump on the bandwagon.  What overreactions are you having to your team's performance in week 1?

We'll talk with Frank Schwab from Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner:

  • What overreactions should we be buying into?
  • What storyline from week 1 should be getting more attention?
  • If you had to chose from Wentz, Garopolo, Winston, Mariotta, and Prescott which one are you picking to start a team around?
  • Is Bill Belichick the greatest coach in NFL history?

Plus we debut two new segments for the football season, "Top 3 College Games of the Week" and "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"

Check out Frank on Twitter @YahooSchwab.


NFL Season Preview

September 7, 2016

Our NFL season previews wrap up with the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. Two teams who struggled mightily on defense last year.

Sal Capaccio from WGR 550 joins us to look at the Bills:

  • The difference in this team from year 1 to 2 of the Rex Ryan era
  • Is Tyrod Taylor the long term solution at QB for the Bills?
  • Should Bills fans feel optimistic that their defense can rekindle their dominance?
  • The two things that need to happen for the Bills to put an end to the longest playoff drought in sports

And we welcome back Matt Barrows from the Sacramento Bee to the program to talk Niners:

  • How have Colin Kaepernick's teammates reacted to his anthem statement?
  • Why did Chip Kelly decide to go with Blaine Gabbert over Kaepernick?
  • How can the Niners improve on their lackluster defense from 2015?
  • What are the realistic expectations for this team in 2016?

Plus, we'll look back at a crazy week 1 in college football.

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The NFL to Las Vegas?

May 12, 2016

Viva Las Vegas! The NFL in Las Vegas? Yep it sounds like it's quickly becoming a reality. We will talk about the latest on that front. We'll also chat with our old friend Bill Bender from the Sporting News. He made his first trip to the Kentucky Derby and lived to tell us all about it. What's it like for a first timer? Does the hype live up to the actual event?

Plus we'll also talk about Steph Curry's back to back NBA MVPs. And two big stories from MLB, Max Scherzer's 20 strikeouts and Bryce Harper's suspension.

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Buffalo Bills Draft Preview & Christian Hackenberg

April 26, 2016

Another jam packed show as we head towards the NFL Draft.

Tyler Dunne (Buffalo News) previews the Buffalo Bills draft

  • How much confidence does management have in Tyrod Taylor?
  • Will we see a simpler defense in 2016 from Rex Ryan?
  • Will they be looking for Stephon Gilmore's future replacement?
  • Will it be defense, defense, defense for the Bills in the 2016 Draft?

Lars Anderson (Bleacher Report & Sports Illustrated) on Christian Hackenberg

  • What do we know about the "great unknown" in the 2016 Draft?
  • How damaged was he mentally with the departure of Bill O'Brien from Penn State?
  • Where is the best fit for him in the Draft?
  • What is his current mental state as he prepares to take the next step in his career?

Check out Lars full story on Christian here.

Plus we'll talk about the Mike Tirico and Skip Bayless leaving ESPN.  What does this mean for NBC Sports, ESPN and Fox Sports?

Be sure to follow our guests on Twitter @TyDunne and @LarsAnderson71.