A weekend of bad punts & the return of the F/U list!

October 19, 2015

It was a bad weekend to be part of punt teams.  Both Michigan and the Colts cost their teams wins with questionable punts, if you can call them that.

We'll look back at those plays and an incredible weekend of games in the NFL and college.  
-Why does Michigan State keep winning but dropping in the polls?
-Is OSU still deserving of #1?
-Would Stanford be undefeated if they had played Northwestern in Palo Alto?
-Should Peyton Manning be benched? (Sorry that's clickbait, we all know the answer)
Plus it's the return of the F/U list!  See who made this edition of the prestigious list.  

Episode 97 - End of the line for Steve Sarkisian

October 12, 2015

The end has come for Steve Sarkisian at USC.  Steve Sarkisian fired by AD Pat Haden.  The question now is, will Haden be close behind?  Plus we'll look at all of the other "wows" from Texas to Will Grier.  Slow down sports you're wearing me out today!

And a big thank you to everyone who reached out after the birth of my daughter Grace.  We appreciate all the ind words.

Episode 94 - College Football…so far

September 28, 2015

We're one month into the college football season...a crazy season!  Bill Bender from the Sporting News returns to help us make sense of this start that has seen a lot of contenders turn into pretenders.  We'll talk with Bill about...

-Who the second best team in the nation?
-A team we might need to be paying more attention to
-Is Cody Kessler the best QB in the nation?
-The most important game of the coming weekend
Plus we'll look at who are the pretenders and contenders are in the NFL.  Does the first win for the Colts and Eagles keep them from the pretender category?