College Basketball Scandal Breakdown with Aaron Torres

September 28, 2017

So much for a quiet week in sports.  Two major sports stories and we've got you covered on both.  One of our favorites, Aaron Torres returns to the show to dive into the college basketball "scandal"

  • Can we be shocked and unshocked at the same time about this?
  • Are there any implications for the players involved?
  • Did Louisville really have to cheat?
  • Is there more on the way?
  • Long term, could this be good for college basketball?

Plus, I'll give my thoughts on the NFL protests.  As always, it's free from "hot takes".

Be sure to follow Aaron on Twitter @Aaron_Torres for updates on the situation in college basketball.


2016 Masters Preview w/Damon Hack (Golf Channel)

April 5, 2016

The 2016 Masters is here.  And we're thrilled to have Damon Hack from The Golf Channel on to talk about the big storylines heading into Augusta.

  • How has Adam Scott adjusted to the new short putter?
  • Is there a "Cinderella" story waiting this year?
  • Why Brandt Snedeker can't break through at a major?
  • There are lots of unknowns with Tiger Woods, but what do we actually know?
And of course how did Villanova finish off North Carolina in one of the greatest NCAA Championship games of all time.

Be sure to follow Damon on Twitter @damonhackGC for his Masters coverage all this week.

Final Four Preview

March 31, 2016

It's all come down to this.  Brendan McDaniels, host of Orange Overtime joins us for our Final Four Preview.  Three teams most people thought had a good chance to get there and...well, Syracuse.  We'll ask Brendan...

-What's changed for this Syracuse team over the last month?
-What does Syracuse need to do to pull off the upset of UNC?
-Can Buddy Hield keep Oklahoma on his back to the title?
-Is Villanova now a team of destiny?

Plus, more trivia!  Final Four related of course!


“The Fall of Johnny Manziel”

March 29, 2016

He's one of the most fascinating players in the NFL, and now he's a man without a team.  How did we get to this point?  Emily Kaplan from and Sports Illustrated joins us to breakdown the rise and fall of Johnny Manziel...

-What was the genesis of his issues?
-What role do Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M play in the "culture of enablement"?
-Why he always needs a "carrot dangled in front of him"?
-Is he addicted to the limelight?
-Why despite everything his teammates loved him?

It's a great look at a story that's end has yet to be written.

Plus we'll look back at the Elite Eight and preview the Final Four.

NCAA Weekend Recap - Cinderella is Shattered

March 21, 2016

There will be no Cinderella in this year's NCAA Tournament.  But there's one thing we did have in the first two rounds...drama, and lots of it.  Buzzer beaters, half court shots, 15 beating a 2 we had it all.  And to help us cover all the madness is Reid Forgrave from Fox Sports and

-Which Sweet 16 team should be least confident in? (his answer will surprise you)
-Is having all powerhouse teams good for the sport?
-Who is this year's breakout star?  The Ali Farokmanesh Award

$election $unday Reactions

March 15, 2016

No that isn't a typo. $election $unday proved once again with the NCAA the old adage of "follow the money" still applies. And you can bet your sweet butts I'm going on a rant about this one.

We're also joined by Kami Mattioli from the Sporting News who wrote a great piece on what the actions of the selection committee means to the mid-major schools like Monmouth and St. Bonaventure.

Buckle up this one is going to be a bumpy ride!

Be sure to follow Kami on Twitter at @kmattio