NBA Season Preview

October 27, 2016

The NBA Season is here!  Time to reset from the offseason and look at the big story lines of the regular season.  To help us do that we welcome in Ben Golliver (Sports Illustrated).

  • How much will Kevin Durant and Steph Curry's game have to change now that they are teammates?
  • Is there a weakness to the Warriors?
  • Can Oklahoma City contend without Durant?
  • Are the Cavaliers still as great or is the rest of the East that bad?
  • Over/under 43 wins for the Knicks?
  • What will Carmelo Anthony's legacy be?

Plus the always popular segments, Top 3 College Football Games of the Week and "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"

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Go Crazy Cleveland!

June 21, 2016

So you're telling me the Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA Champions, Dustin Johnson is a Major Champion and the Cubs are in 1st place by 12 games?  What crazy mixed up world do we live in?

We'll take a look at how the Cavs were able to overcome a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals.  Plus, we'll be joined by Max Adler from Golf Digest to look back at a crazy finish to the US Open.

-Did Dustin Johnson violate a rule on the 5th green?
-Will the USGA look at changing their rules and guidelines as a result?
-Is DJs win one of the best mentally tough wins at a major?
-Can his bombing style win at Royal Troon in a few weeks?

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Episode 70: US Open Preview

June 15, 2015

"Go West Young Man!"  At least that's what the USGA is finally doing with the first US Open help in the pacific northwest at Chamber Bay.  And if it's major time that must mean it's time to check in with Ryan Ballengee from Yahoo Sports.  Ryan is on site and will give us an idea of what this rare links style US Open course has in store for the players.  What players benefit from this style?  How will the weather effect the tournament? Does Tiger have any chance?  And can Jordan Spieth go back to back majors?

Plus we'll finally talk NBA.  Don't get too excited I don't have much to offer on this one.

Episode 68 - FIFA

June 4, 2015

Well I guess we should try to make sense of this whole FIFA debacle.  And really I don't know anyone else who knows more about soccer than our old buddy Brian Conaghan.  Conaghan breaks down the FIFA mess like only he can.  What does this change for US soccer?  Does Qatar keep the 2020 World Cup?  And what are the long term effects on the game itself.

Plus we'll take a quick look at the NBA playoffs as they get started.  Has LeBron gone back to being the villain? And is there anywhere Steph Curry can't hit from?

Episode 64: Bad Week for Sports

May 7, 2015

Grab a beer this one is going to take some alcohol to get through.  Not a real good week for sports.  And hell those are the weeks that make doing this so much easier.  We cover all the insanity including:

-Deflategate: What does this mean for Brady's legacy? Will he be suspended?
-LeSean McCoy accuses Chip Kelly of being a racist
-The Cleveland Cavaliers put out possibly the worst video ever
Plus what NBA series should I watch? Hit me up on Twitter with your suggestions: @theradioblast

Episode 54: NBA All Star Weekend, Davis Love III, and SNL40

February 19, 2015

It was a big week for a lot of people.  First, me.  I watched more NBA this weekend than in the past decade, and it was only the All Star Skills Competition.  But what a display.  Did Zach LaVine save the Slam Dunk contest, and how good is Steph Curry.  Plus we'll talk with our old buddy Ryan Ballengee from Yahoo Sports about the interesting decision by the PGA to name David Love III captain of the 2016 Ryder Cup team.  Can he exorcise the demons of Medinah?  And of course we'll look back on Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary show.  There was some things to like and a lot not to like,


Episode 18: Cleveland Rocks…and so does Rory!

July 21, 2014

It's been a while.  How have you been?  No one is better right now than Rory McIlroy and Cleveland.  And that's where we join up with you again talking about these two topics.  And also why Henrik Stenson is the most unlikable athlete.