Episode 61: NFL Draft Preview

April 29, 2015

Get your hugging arms ready, it's NFL Draft time! Now that you've read 180 mock drafts including your neighbors dog's, let's talk about some of the big stories.  Michael Lombardo from SDBoltReport.com and Footballinsiders.com joins us to talk about the draft:

-Is Jameis Winston a lock at #1?
-Why are there no "sure thing" QBs anymore?
-Five years from now who will be the best player from this draft?
-and why the San Diego Chargers have become a "toxic" organization
Plus we'll talk sports reporter hypocrisy (one of our favorite topics) and the team I think is the X factor going into the Draft.

Episode 55: Buccaneers Draft Preview

March 4, 2015

It's never too early to start talking NFL draft.  And we might as well start at the top.  Roy Cummings the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat writer for the Tampa Tribune joins us to discuss who the Bucs might be leaning at with the #1 pick.  

-Will it be Winston or Marriota?
-Is a trade still on the table?
-What other needs does a 2-14 team have?
-And who will be the Bucs starting QB in week 1 (his answer might surprise you)?