Golf Tips for the Weekend Golfer with John Souza

July 13, 2017

We're back talking golf and not just PGA Tour this time.  This one is for us weekend hacks.  John Souza, Director of Instruction at John Souza Golf & Fitness Academy joins us for some really great golf tips to help get us through that mid-season lull.  John will share his great insight on...

  • If we only have 10-15 minutes to warm up what should we focus on?
  • Favorite drill to help cure that slice
  • What kinds of exercises should we be doing during the week to get ready for our round?
  • Why our practice swings are perfect and then we get over the ball and everything goes to hell

Plus, John shares some insight into the history of Rory McIlroy's back issues.  They have been around longer than we think.

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2017 US Open Preview with Ryan Ballengee

June 13, 2017

After a two month break we are back at major golf with our 2017 US Open Preview.  As always we are joined by Ryan Ballengee ( to help us prep for the 2nd major of the season.  We'll discuss:

  • What does this Erin Hills, a new course, have in store for the competitors? (Ryan has actually played it)
  • Can Dustin Johnson's length off the tee overcome his poor bunker play on this "links style" course?
  • Concerns over Jordan Speith's game?
  • Will Phil Mickelson play in the US Open?
  • Who will be in the final two pairings on Sunday?

Plus I'll discuss whether the inevitable Warriors win is good for the NBA in bringing in casual fans.  And why the NHL has a problem with it's "stars".

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2017 Masters Preview - Ryan Ballengee

April 5, 2017

The azaleas are in bloom and Tiger Woods isn't playing golf which means it must be Masters Week! We'll check in with our man Ryan Ballengee from Yahoo Sports and to preview the 2017 Masters.

  • How will the weather effect the tournament and who does it favor?
  • Of the two new rising stars Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas, which has the best chance to win?
  • How are Jason Day and Jordan Spieth mentally prepared for this week?
  • What role will a "retired" Tiger Woods have in the game of golf.
  • and we'll dive into the Lexi Thompson rule debacle

Plus, we'll recap the NCAA championship.  Why officiating isn't the big story.  And saints be praised Phil Simms is out of our football lives...for now.  Tony Romo is replacing Simms in the CBS booth.

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Thank You Arnold Palmer

September 27, 2016

It's been a roller coaster of a weekend in the sports world.  The excitement of a great Saturday in College Football tempered by the deaths of Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez on Sunday.  And this week's episode will reflect that.

Les Miles Fired

We'll speak with Ross Dellenger (The Advocate Baton Rouge):

  • What ultimately led to the firing of Les Miles by LSU?
  • Why didn't it happen last season?
  • Who are the top contenders for the LSU head coaching job?
  • and how attractive is the LSU job?

The Legacy of Arnold Palmer

It's a segment you never want to do, but in order to do it right we bring in Ryan Ballengee (Yahoo Sports & to discuss the life of Arnold Palmer:

  • Why are people who never had a chance to watch him play taking this so hard?
  • What made him relish the spotlight?
  • What made his approach to the game of golf so unique?
  • and the great story of how Arnold Palmer almost single-handedly saved the British Open

And of course we'll lighten the mood with "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying".  Plus, the Top 3 College Football games of the weekend.

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2016 Rio Olympic Preview

August 3, 2016

After months and months of zika, dirty water, dirty politicians, and dirty IOC members the Olympics are finally here.  And oh yeah there's actual athletic competition involved!

We're joined by Matthew Futterman from the Wall Street Journal who is in Rio covering the games.  We'll find out if he had any hesitation going to Rio and who we should be looking at as the next star to join the likes of Phelps, Bolt and Lochte.

Plus, Ryan Ballengee from Yahoo Sports joins us to recap the PGA Championship and preview golf's return to the Olympics.  

US Open Preview

June 15, 2016

Imagine trying to hit out of this church pew bunkers.  That's the exact test the best golfers in the world will be facing at the US Open tees off at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania.  As we do when it comes to majors we check in with Ryan Ballengee from Yahoo Sports and  Ryan is live at Oakmont and gives us his thoughts on:

-Is the traditional US Open set up "fair" to the players?
-Do fans want to see the best at their best or be challenged with a set up like Oakmont?
-How is Jordan Spieth's mindset coming off the Masters meltdown?
-And to steal from Seinfeld, "what's the deal with Rory McIlroy?"

Plus we'll talk with Ken Fang from one of my favorite sites,  

-The unique relationship between Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell
-Where does Verne Lundquist rank among the all time greats?
-Is Chris Berman's retirement from ESPN official?

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