Episode 114 - Christmas Hangover Special

December 26, 2015
Congrats!  You survived your holidays with the family.  Now let's check in with our old buddy Brian Conaghan to see how things went down this Holiday Season.  And by went down I mean what alcohol did we consume.

We'll also get you ready for Fantasy Football Championship weekend with Nathan Powell.

Episode 113 - 2015 College Football Bowl Preview

December 17, 2015

No this is not a review of the Williams Sonoma catalog.  Deadspin already took care of that.  To get you ready for the 2015 College Football Bowl season we bring in Bill Bender from The Sporting News.  We'll ask Bill;

-Best non-playoff matchup
-Best bowl game if you love offense
-Best bowl game if you love defense
-Best QB matchup
-and of course the most important question, Best Bowl Name
We'll also check in with Nathan Powell our Fantasy Football expert to give you the final prep for the playoffs.

Episode 112 - Heisman Preview

December 10, 2015

Remember when we were ready to hand the Heisman Trophy to Leornard Fournette?  How quickly things change in College Football.  Ben Kercheval from Bleacher Report previews the 2015 Heisman Trophy:

-Did Christian McCaffery's big Pac 12 Championship game performance put him in the drivers seat?
-Which finalist will be the best NFL player?
-Should Baker Mayfield have been invited?
Plus Ben will help us look at the College Football Playoff.  Is this the year we should have had an 8 team playoff?
And of course our Fantasy Football expert Nathan Powell will get you ready for your Fantasy Football playoffs.

Episode 104 - Freedom for Vernon Davis

November 5, 2015

What does it sound like when a man gets his freedom?  Just listen to Vernon Davis after being traded from the Niners to the Broncos.  Troy Renck from the Denver Post joins us to take a look at a big week for the Broncos.

-Lots of coaching and front office changes in the NFL this week
-Why no announcer is truly biased against certain teams
-Have the Niners gone into tank mode?
-and a look at a big weekend in college football
Or course we'll also check in with our Fantasy Football expert Nathan Powell for who you should be starting this week.

Episode 96 - Is this the end for Charlie Strong at Texas?

October 8, 2015

We don't let a little thing like the birth of my daughter keep us from bringing you great episodes.  This week we'll discuss if this could be the end for Charlie Strong in Texas.  Why it's not quite the end for Alabama after their big win over Georgia.

And of course Nathan Powell will join us to take a look at the weekend in Fantasy Football.
Plus, we'll preview all the weekend games in the NFL and NCAA.