Episode 95 - Is Utah a legit contender in the PAC 12?

October 1, 2015
It's been a head scratching month in the PAC 12.  So we bring in our PAC 12 correspondent Lisa Horne to help us make sense of it.

-Is Utah a legit contender?
-Can Colorado upset the Ducks this week?
-Why doesn't Cody Kessler get more Heisman talk?
-and is Lisa on board with our campaign to have the rankings released after week 4?

Plus we'll talk with Ryan Ballengee to put a cap on the season of Spieth.  What if anything does Jordan Spieth need to work on before next year?  And who would Ryan pick if the PGA went to a final four playoff format to decide player of the year?

And we'll have our weekly visit with our Fantasy Football expert Nathan Powell.  It's all here in one jam packed episode.

Are the ‘Aints coming back?

September 24, 2015

Katherine Terrell from the Times-Picayune gives us an update on Drew Brees.  And even if he plays can the Saints turn this season around or should fans start looking at mock drafts and preparing their brown bags?

Our new Fantasy Football expert Nathan Powell joins us for his weekly look at fantasy.  Who can Tony Romo owners look to to help get through the next 8 weeks?  What players should we be pumping the breaks on through week 2?  And our regular segment of Who's Hot, Who's Not.
Plus, we'll be looking at all the big matchups in the NFL and college.  Arizona checks in as our #ProveIt team this week.  Who's yours? Tweet to us with the #ProveIt.