Episode 38: Time to Talk College Football Playoff

December 3, 2014

Sports Illustrated's Zac Ellis joins us to talk the big three in College Football right now; Coaches, Heisman and of course the College Football Playoffs.  Is this Marcus Mariota's Heisman to lose?  Where does Nebraska go for it's next coach?  And all the different scenario's for the College Football Playoff.  We break it all down.


Episode 25: The FU List

September 11, 2014

It's the podcast I always knew was coming.  Week 2 of the college football season brought out a lot of F bombs from me and I'm letting them fly at a lot of people in this weeks podcast.  Including, why Jeff Quinn shouldn't be the UB coach, why Michigan has never fully recovered from the Appalachian State loss, and the horrible schedule makers in FBS.


Episode 23: College Football Week 2

September 5, 2014

On this look at week 2 of the college football season, we'll talk about the thin line between FBS and the FCS, a QB with a case of the Yips, and why Todd Gurley is a bad bad man who has Georgia looking real good in the SEC.


Episode 21: 2014 College Football Preview

August 30, 2014

You can smell it in the air...college football is back!  We'll take a look at the biggest story lines for the upcoming season.  PAC 12 vs. SEC...can USC rebound...is this the year Oregon makes the leap...and of course predictions for the final 4.


Episode 17: 15 years!!

June 5, 2014

As we embark on our 15 year college reunion my buddy Conaghan drops by to talk about how old we're getting, where Derek Jeter falls in the Yankee pantheon and which 80s star we'd like to see a sex tape of.


Episode 10: A series of Good Byes

March 31, 2014

In this episode we say a series of "Good Byes".  Starting off with Chelsea Handler and Dan Marino.  Then it's the debut of my buddy Conaghan who joins me to talk How I Met Your Mother, Yankee baseball, why he's looking for a new NFL team and how many weekends we could do in college right now.  I promise we recorded this before the HIMYM finale!  But...nailed it!