Episode 69 - Homebrewing Roundtable at Kegworks

June 8, 2015

We've taken the show on the road again to talk beer! This time we stopped by the Kegworks store at 1490 Military Rd. in Buffalo, NY for a homebrewing roundtable.  We talk with Alex Placito the Assistant Brewer at Old First Ward Brewing, Tim Shisler the Assistant Retail Manager and my friend Brad Smith a homebrewer who got me into homebrewing.  

If you're into homebrewing or thinking about getting into the hobby we'll cover everything you need:

-How to get started
-Common mistakes homebrewers make
-Lessons hombrewers can learn from commercial brewers
-How to take your brews to the next level
-and of course we'll talk about the Craft Beer industry, one of my favorite topics.
And for the month of June if you stop into the store mention The Radio Blast at the register and they will take 10% off your order.

Episode 63: Let’s Talk Beer

May 3, 2015

Nothing goes better with sports than a cold beer.  That's why we've taken the show on the road for the first time.  We recently stopped down to Big Ditch Brewing in Buffalo, NY to talk craft beer with co-founder Matt Kahn.  It's a great conversation about brewing beer, tasting beer, and the craft beer boom taking place all over the country.  If you like beer you'll love this episode.