NFL Playoff/CFB Championship Preview

January 6, 2017

We're back and better than ever!  Well let's just say we're the same as ever.  It's another packed show with Tyler Dunne (Bleacher Report) and Dan Wolken (USA Today). Plus we'll talk about the Giants boat ride (be smarter), Lane Kiffin being out at Bama, and the creepiness of Clemson players giving the opposition a polite gropping.  

Tyler Dunne - Bleacher Report @tydunne

  • How big of a mess is the Bills front office?
  • Is it possible to feel bad for the Raiders right now?
  • Team most likely to be upset this weekend?
  • And we'll run down the list of HOF finalists, who's in and who needs to wait?

Dan Wolken - USA Today @danwolken

  • How different are Alabama and Clemson from last year's teams?
  • What changes will we see to the Alabama offense with Steve Sarkisian calling the plays?
  • Is there a weakness to this Alabama team?
  • Is Alabama's dominance good for college football?

And of course we'll play "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"



Is It Alabama/Ohio State and Everyone Else?

October 12, 2016

Bill Bender (Sporting News) was good enough to take a break from covering every sport on the planet to join us for a look at College Football at the halfway point.  We'll get Bill's thoughts on:

  • How big is the gap between Alabama/Ohio State and everyone else?
  • Who belongs in the "No Idea" group (Florida State? Stanford? Oklahoma? Ole Miss?
  • What's wrong at Notre Dame and how safe is Brian Kelly?
  • Handicapping the Heisman Race. Why is no one pulling away?
  • If you were the GM of an NFL team would you pick Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson?

Plus, what's the big storyline in the NFL this year?  Feels like a fairly mundane season so far.

And of course the Top 3 College Football games of the upcoming weekend and "Who Needs a Drink and Who's Buying?"

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