Is Clemson #1?

September 19, 2017

Can the case be made that Clemson should be the #1 team in the country?  You bet.  And to help us dive into the Tigers 3-0 start we welcome Brad Senkiw (105.5 The Roar) back to the program.  We'll ask Brad...

  • His biggest takeaway from the win at Lousiville
  • How has Dabo Swinney changed the recruiting culture to follow Bama's "reload" style?
  • Brad's assessment of new QB Kelly Bryant so far
  • Where is the biggest challenge coming in Clemson's remaining schedule
  • and of course we'll ask him to make the case for Clemson being #1

I'll also talk about the Jekyl & Hyde teams through the first two weeks of the NFL season.  And why these early season rankings are so ridiculous in college football.

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Championship Game Recap

January 12, 2016

Say it isn't so!  The College Football season is over.  But boy did it go out in style.  We'll break it all down including:

-How does this rank against the 2005 USC/Texas game?
-The size of the cojones on Nick Saban
-Why a lack of defense didn't bother us at all
-and why no one in Alabama is allowed to tell a polish joke for the next 365 days
Plus we'll look ahead at the NFL Divisional Playoffs.

Episode 85 - 2015 College Football Season Preview

August 24, 2015

It's time for our 2015 College Football Preview special.  We've already broken down the power 5 conferences so now it's time to look at the broad landscape of stories heading into the season.  Bill Bender from The Sporting News joins us to discuss the many question marks heading into the season including:

-Which team will have the toughest job filling empty spots?
-Could the Big Ten be the top conference this season?
-Should we believe the Tennessee hype?
-Ohio State's biggest obstacle to repeating
-and how far are we from going to a 6 or 8 team playoff?
Plus, we'll talk with Al Botta and Jarrett Singer, two men who are living the dream of visiting every college football stadium in the country.  They'll help us construct the perfect game day environment based on their visits.
And to finish it off, I'll give you my pics for who wins the big conferences and makes it to the college football playoff (ACC fans might want to tune out).

Episode 81 - ACC Preview

August 9, 2015

Old friend of the show Brendan McDaniels joins us for our ACC football preview.  Yes he's not just our go to man for college basketball he's also the host of Orange Overtime, the Syracuse football postgame show.  So he knows his ACC.  We'll discuss...

-Can the off the field issues for Florida State mean a down year for the program?
-Is Clemson ready to claim the top spot?
-Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for Syracuse football?
-Can Duke football match the success of the basketball team?
-and his answer for "coach most likely to be somewhere else at the end of the season" will surprise many (but it makes sense)
Plus, we jump in on the Patrick Kane rape allegations.  For an interesting take on the coverage of the case check out friend of the show Brian Mortiz post at Sports Media Guy.